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History of WGU
The history of the World Gateball Union is tied to the spread of
Gateball internationally over the years.
1947 Gateball created.
1978 Gateball became extremely popular in every part of Japan.
1985 The World Gateball Union (WGU) founded. [The Japan Gateball Union (JGU) was founded in 1984 as a non-profit foundation (First Chairman: Ryoichi Sasakawa). Then, answering the call by JGU, five countries and regions; China, Korea, Brazil, USA and Chinese Taipei, joined to form the WGU.]
1986 The opening of the First World Gateball Championship.
[The First World Gateball Championship was held in Hokkaido, the birthplace of Gateball, with five countries and one region participating. The World Gateball Championship was held every year until 1990, after which it has been held once every four years.]
1987 The South American Gateball Union founded. [The initial membership; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru.]
Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru officially joined WGU as seventh, eighth, and ninth members, respectively.
1989 Argentina and Canada officially joined WGU as tenth and eleventh members, respectively.
1991 The Asia Gateball Union founded.
[The initial membership; Japan, China, Korea, and Chinese Taipei.]
1992 The First Asia Gateball Championship held (in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan).
1994 Singapore officially joined WGU as twelfth member.
1995 Yoshio Sakurauchi becomes second WGU Chairman.
1996 The USA Gateball Federation established through mutual discussions between the Hawaii and Southern California Gateball Associations.
1998 Hong Kong China officially joined WGU as the thirteenth member.
2001 Gateball adopted as exhibition event for the 6th World Games.
[For the first time in its history, Gateball was adopted as an exhibition event for the World Games, often called "The Second Olympics". A total of five countries and regions; China, Japan, Korea, USA, and Chinese Taipei, gathered in Akita Prefecture to play exhibition matches. Japan won the top honor thanks to the efforts of the team consisting primarily of teen-aged players. This event was quite meaningful because it was truly a good opportunity to promote this fun sport to the international sports organization members as well as international spectators who previously did not know much about Gateball.]
2003 Australia officially joined WGU as the fourteenth member.
2004 The International Exchange Event to be held in Japan with participating Junior players from Asia.




Kiyoko ONO becomes third WGU Chair-person

Macao China officially joined WGU as the fifteenth member. 

The 10th World Gateball Championship held in Shanghai China

Philippine officially joined WGU

Indonesia officially joined WGU