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Australia makes its application to join World Gateball Union
Serious activities start

Recently, Australia made its application to enter World Gateball Union. The application is presently under examination by World Gateball Union's board of directors. If the application is accepted, Australia will be the first nation to join from Oceania and the 14th to become a member of the Union.

Gateball got started in Australia in 1986. After taking part in various exchange programs it participated in the 7th World Championships in Hawaii in '98, and in the 8th World Championships last year in Toyama. Besides, from 2000 on, the Australian Championships have been held and activities within the country have been very vigorous. Focused mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, gateball lovers have organized clubs and are very active. The name of the organization is “Australian Gateball Promotions”(abbreviated AGP).

World Gateball Union's Mini Chronological Table

AGP's first President, Mr. Peter Tavender, and National Gateball Director Mr. Keith McLeod. Though both men, from Canberra and Melbourne, have been busy managing their clubs, they have spent many years promoting gateball. Both have also experience in the World Championships.
1985年 At Japan's instigation the World Union started with Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Chinese Taipei and Hawaii (5 countries and 1 district)
1986年 he First World Championships held in Sapporo, Japan.
1987年 Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia become members
1989年 Canada and Argentina become members
1994年 Singapore becomes a member
1996年 International Referees' Regulations promulgated. U.S.A. becomes a member
1998年 Chinese Hong Kong becomes a member
2003年 International Referees System established. Australia makes its application for membership.

Australian gateball lovers and Japanese Players who participated in the course .(in Melbourne)

President Tavender(right) gently instructs elementary school children during their first experience of gateball.

Their Debut! These Are Australia's Junior Players

At the same time Australia made its application to join the Union, Japan Gateball Union and Japanese gateball players visited Australia March 10 - 17. In Sydney and Melbourne refereeing and tactics courses were held, and also a course to explain rules revisions was held.
At Mosman Croquet Club in a residential district about a 20-minutes drive from Sydney city center approximately 20 gateball lovers from various clubs got together. On the first day, a course in refereeing was held and on the second day a techniques and tactics course was held. The Japanese players demonstrated play and techniques.

On that day, Mosman Club members were giving croquet instruction to 30 local primary school children who ended up joining in the gateball course. All of a sudden a junior course was begun. The local newspaper, “The Mosman Daily” reported on the event which was great fun.

Their first appearance in this journal: Australia's junior players

“I want to play, too.” Children compete to get a number singlet

Children receive croquet lessons from Mosman Club members a number of times during November every year

Look at the expression when good stroke has been made!

About 30, 9 - 11-year-old primary school children, their teacher and course participants

Games were played focusing on instruction on refereeing and tactics.

In Melbourne too, games in the course focused on refereeing and tactics

With many members who played in the World Championships participating, the course ended in a class reunion atmosphere

Members of the Wombats team with the article about their participation in the World Championships last year which appeared in this journal

Australian Croquet Association's
Referee Committee Chairperson
has his first experience of gateball

The course schedule of 2 days for the old capital of Melbourne was the same as for Sydney. The course was held at the Essendon Qroquet Club where many players who took part in last year's World Championships are members. About 30 people participated. Their level of play was clearly displayed at the World Championships. Their technique and tactics are far beyond beginner level. Indeed, the practice game with the Japanese team was held in a hotly contested atmosphere.

Also, on the day a number of inexperienced players joined in. World you believe it? One of them was Australia Croquet Association's Referee Committee Chairperson, Mr. Owen Edwards. We hope to receive advice on rules and other matters from him. And for gateball, which is endeavoring to spread throughout the world, he was a very important person to meet.

Mr. Edwards and those who like him participated for the first time said that they thought gateball was a wonderful sport which allowed everybody to play on equal terms irrespective of age or sex. It was also said that gateball does not need as large a court as croquet and that considering the cost of equipment, it appears gateball is an easier sport to participate in.

The Australia Croquet Association' Referee's Committee Chairperson, Mr. Owen Edwards, has his first experience playing GB
Having his photo taken at the scenic spot of Blue Mountain, Mr. Sakou with an aborigine
The 5 Japanese participants. From left: Mr. Sakou (Tokyo), Ms. Takahashi (Iwate), Ms. Nakamura (Tokyo), Ms. Yuzuriha (Tokyo), Ms. Nishida (Tokyo)

What the participants said
GB is a sport which can be played anywhere in the world
Kayoko Yuzuriha (Tokyo)
In my neighborhood we are preparing to set up a general sports club. During this course I was able to observe the management of clubs in Australia which have a close affinity with the community. They were managed much more simply than I had expected. I learned a lot from how the members manage and participate in their clubs.

I was a little worried about my language ability this time, but I realized that gateball is a sport which can be played and enjoyed anywhere in the world. I had a wonderful international exchange experience. I would like to invite those people I was indebted to during the trip to our club.